Bye Bye Bavaria Hello Mountain Elegance

Bye Bye Bavaria Hello Mountain Elegance

The exterior of this ski hill home was in need of repair and the Bavarian touches lacked the modern mountain style the homeowners desired. There was a large hump in the living room floor and the stairs to the second level were poorly built resulting in an awkward steep rise. Simply put, the house just didn’t feel right.

A complete demolition was required. The living room floor heave was fixed and the stairs to the upper floor were moved to the side of the home allowing the new master bedroom to take advantage of the mountain views once hidden beyond the stairwell.

We added on and added up to expand the living room which now features a two story high ceiling and a clear story window to bring in plenty of light to what was once a very dark space.

In the kitchen, we removed a large side window that looked at the neighbour and replaced it with a smaller window allowing for more cabinet space along the outside wall. Wide panel shaker cabinets with a grey thunder stain combine with Lyra Silestone counters and a hexagon marble backsplash for a timeless, classy kitchen and eating space.

A hobby room complete with a sink, cabinets and a large deck was added on top of the existing kitchen eating area. Easy clean and price friendly Linoleum floors welcome messy art attacks and the views from this room are nothing less than breathtaking.


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Bye Bye Bavaria Hello Mountain Elegance

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