Area Team Member Role
Executive: Rick Jensen Chairman / CFO
Chad Jensen, B. Comm. President / CEO
Leanne Jensen CAO
New Dawn Restorations
and Renovations
Josh Lowden CPA, CA COO
Management: Penny Payne Controller
Ivan Colten Senior Project Manager
John Merritt General Manager – Fernie/Elk Valley Office
Project Management and Production: Jason Wylie Site Supervisor
Chris Hall Site Supervisor
James Beresford Site Supervisor
Daniel Persad Site Supervisor
Justin McAllister Site Supervisor
Tom Hong Estimating and Purchasing Manager
Office Personnel Sherry Graburn Sales Associate
Tom Nopper Sales Associate
Kim Timbers Architectural Designer
Shania Funke Architectural Designer
Colin Nakahara Architectural Designer
Becky Bornhauser Interior Designer
Robin Shmigelsky Interior Designer
Diane Campbell Interior Designer
Jennifer Chekay Interior Designer
Roberta Clark Interior Designer
Barbara McPhee Estimating
Mike Dolighan Warranty and Customer Service
Mark Wills Fleet/equipment manager, mechanic
Curtis Osborne Warehouse Manager
30 Field staff ranging from journeyman carpenters, apprentices and labourers